22nd May 2019


The project ByAxon has been the star at the "Tech me out" sessions of Pint of Science in Spain. Mª Concepción Serrano (ICMM-CSIC) and Lucas Pérez (IMDEA Nanociencia) have participated this Wednesday 22nd of May on two different meetings in the cities of Madrid and Toledo, respectively. In both cases, the pubs helding the event had a full house, about 150 attendees in total. Our researchers Serrano and Pérez demonstrated their excellent skills in science communication and in turn, the public responded with a prolific questions session. 

Pint of Science was an initiative of two researchers at Imperial College (London) that quickly reached the category of Festival in UK in 2013. From that year on, the Festival has been held in an increasing number of cities around the globe. This year 2019, over 300 cities from 24 countries have participated in Pint of Science. 


7th May 2019

The .eu Web Awards are an online competition designed to acknowlede the best websites using the .eu extension. 

This website is now nominated for the Awards on "Laurels" category. If you have enjoyed the content of this website, please consider giving us a vote: 


6th February 2019

The project ByAxon was invited to the FET Seminar, that takes place periodically at the European Comission's premises at Covent Garden Building in Brussels. Prof. Rodolfo Miranda, researcher and PI of the project, gave an overview of the goals and progress of the project followed by a discussion and questions. 


Lucas Pérez, physicist and researcher of ByAxon at IMDEA Nanociencia, talks about magnetism and the project ByAxon in the regional radio La Ser Toledo. [28.09.2018]

Listen to the podcast (in Spanish):

María Concepción Serrano López-Terradas (ICMM-CSIC) in Castilla-La Mancha Media.

Listen to the podcast (in Spanish)


CASTILLA-LA MANCHA HOY | María Concepción Serrano López-Terradas Doctora en Biología.

Teresa Rodríguez, principal investigator of ByAxon, explains the project in Lab24, a scientific dissemination programme of the Spanish national TV (minute 4:05). [04.07.2017]

Rodolfo Miranda, director of IMDEA Nanociencia and PI of ByAxon, together with Jose Raúl Castro, announces the project in "Conversatorios Casa América" --an interviews show of the Spanish national television. (minute 13:02). [02.06.2017]

M. Concepción Serrano and Elisa López welcome the cameras of the Spanish regional TV news  to the Hospital Nacional de Parapléjicos (SESCAM). Minute 13:10. [16.01.2017]

Research engineer in instrumentation and magnetism

Application deadline: 2nd September 2019

A magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) microscope has already been developed and is used in the lab. Apart from it, magnetoresistance (MR) and low frequency noise are measured in a separate four-probe set-up with a variable temperature stage. The role of the engineer will be to add the possibility of measuring simultaneously MOKE properties (magnetic hysteresis cycles, coercive or anisotropy field), MR and low frequency noise in the MOKE set-up. In addition, two new features have to be developed: regulation of the temperature in the 300 – 330 K range, and rotation of samples during measurements.

The assignment will entail:
- Electronics readout design and tests
- Labview programing
- Characterization of various samples fabricated in the project

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